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Good Morning Everyone,

Today I am joining the "Show Us Your Books" linkup!

Life According to Steph

Here's what I've been reading lately:

Okay I finally broke down and read this book. I mean it was like THE book to read last year. Everyone was talking about it and of course all the media hype with the movie coming out but I gotta be honest....I didn't like didn't like it AT ALL. I mean I get that the "twist" was pretty out of the blue and the ending was not what I expected but I didn't like ANY of the characters. Half way through I just kind of stopped caring. I didn't care why she was gone, if he had something to do with it, nothing. I just felt unmoved by the whole story. By the end I was just glad it was over and sad I wasted my time on it. Apologies to anyone that loved it but just not my taste at all.

This one is on the Currently Reading list. I am only a little way into it but so far I am really enjoying it! This is more my taste of book however so that might be it. I love supernatural/paranormal type books and this looks like it is going to be a series I am going to enjoy! 

I have actually read this series multiple times but I started it up again! I finished the first in the series in just an evening and honestly I had forgotten who had done it! I adore cozy mysteries. They are just a lot of fun to read and great for when you don't have the time allotted for more "crunchy" books. Hilarious and silly and never fails to make me laugh! 

This is the latest (for me) in the Dresden Series. My husband has read all of these and finally a few months ago I started them up. I have to say I don't know why I put it off for so long as this is pretty much my favorite genre of supernatural/magic/paranormal. Besides I love reading about another wizard named Harry!

So that's what I've been reading! I have a HUGE stack next to my nightstand of "To Be Read" so I cannot wait for next month when I get to share more with you! 

Be sure to share your reads and join the linkup! Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. I have a huge stack on my night stand too, lol! Another wizard named Harry? That's pretty cool! I need to try out more super natural this year.

  2. Love these Gone Girl was good as was the movie. disturbing .... but good.

  3. I loved Gone Girl, but if it's not your taste it's not your taste! That's okay! Looking at the other books on your list up there, it could just not be your style. I am not one for the Harry Potterish books, and everyone is always like WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T LIKE POTTER. Sorry, I don't! LOL

  4. i was not a huge fan of gone girl either. i could recognise it was well written but i just did not enjoy it. i think my expectations were too high.

  5. It makes me a little sad that you didn't like Gone Girl but it's not for everyone. Which is totally fine! Like Steph, I'm not a Harry Potter fan and people think I'm insane. But that's why there are so many different types of books. Something for all kinds of readers!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Definitely do not read Gillian Flynn's other books as I thought those were even more disturbing than Gone Girl (even though I liked them all- I might be disturbed)!

  7. I read Gone Girl before the crazy hype started, and I just thought it was okay. I actually liked the movie more (that doesn't happen often with the book vs. movie battle). I did enjoy Gillian Flynn's Dark Places a whole lot more. But, you gotta be someone who enjoys dark, somewhat disturbing characters, and that isn't for everyone.

    Going to check out a couple of your other books now!


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