Confessions 1/28

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to Confession Day!

Today I confess:

That I totally enlisted my Mom and Brother to help me overhaul the finished portion of my basement and also help me totally redo my bedroom. It was totally worth it because now both rooms look AMAZING!

I confess that after setting up my vanity area and my mom gave me the go ahead to get a new setup I immediately started searching Pinterest for ideas. I love the little vanity that she gave me years ago but this makeup junkie needs more storage....

I confess that while we were working our little booties off I had put a roast in the oven and by the time Bobby got home it was done and falling off the bone. IT WAS SO GOOD.

I confess that I will be doing a post next week about my new vacuum. Steph if you are reading this....THANK YOU!!!!!!

I confess that I have lived here for nearly four years and never put up curtains in my bedroom....Thanks Mom.

That's it for me this week be sure to join the linkups and 'fess up!!!
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  1. I really need a family overhaul of my house. I have IKEA furniture, curtains etc. that I have had forever and still haven't put up. Maybe next week... haha. thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh good I'm glad you like it!

    In my next house I definitely want space for a vanity. I love them but our rooms are too small the way they are now.

  3. That is a lot of makeup! I cant wait to see the final overhaul and the basement!

  4. No JK, our curtains are all tacked up. It's not that I don't have curtain rods.. It's just that it's sooo much work to hang the rods with the leveling and all the holes to patch later.. UGH. Ain't nobody got time for that. Ghetto it is.


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