Favorite Apps for the iPad

Good Morning Everyone,


Today I am bringing you my top 5 favorite apps for the iPad! (Psst...They are all FREE!)

I really love seeing these type posts and seeing what other apps people are using for two reasons:

1. New apps to find and download!

2. I'm nosy.


These apps are ones that I use if not on a daily basis then at least on a weekly one!

1. YouTube- Seriously I use this EVERYDAY. I have a Chromecast and I stream videos pretty much all the time. Love it. 

2. Audible- I've I'm not watching then I am listening! I love having an Audible account. I listen to books every night as I go to sleep and Audible has THE BEST selection of audio books. I love that I can choose certain books from my library and listen to them and then take them off the iPad to add other ones from my library! 

3. Overdrive- Now not every library offers this but you should immediately check to see if yours does! This app allows you to download audio books and ebooks FOR FREE from your local library! If you have a library card then you are good to go! You can also place items on hold and they will email you when they are ready to be downloaded! I love that the library is expanding into this area because honestly libraries and free books are the best thing ever!! 

4. Flutter- Okay this is a game. It is a highly addictive game in my opinion, even if my husband thinks I am crazy for liking it. Basically you raise butterflies for your own little Amazon rainforest. Ever so often a new set of butterflies becomes available and you only have a set number of days to catch them. Butterflies have abilities and there are pretty flowers and....yeah addictive. 

5. Pinterest- This one is obvious but honestly the iPad is the place that I use this the most. I love the ease of the app and love that it is portable for any time that I am bored or if the Kyra has fallen asleep on me and I can't get up and move around! Love you Pinterest! 

So what are your top 5 apps? Am I missing out on something??

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 


  1. I might look into audible books - I've actually never in my 37 years listened to one.

  2. Pinterest is defo up there. Im still not yet into audio books but I do love podcasts and I suppose its a similar concept!


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