First Confessions of 2015

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Wednesday and that means it is time for confession!

I confess that at midnight on New Years I was up playing Cards Against Humanity with my brother and my husband and then we toasted with Sparkling Grape Juice. So wild around here. 

I confess that my heart is made of mush. Seriously, I cried at the Hobbit, I've cried over commercials, over songs....I'm all mushy inside over here. 

I confess that even though it is only 5 degrees out I am rocking flip flops, a tank top, and shorts today inside of my house. 

I confess that I still have a calendar hanging in my room from December 2013

I confess I have let my house be taken over by toys. 

I confess that this will be a short confession session because I have my Brother in Law's puppy barking at me for attention and I can no longer think. 

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 

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  1. I didn't even have sparkling juice on NYE - straight up water over here! I also could've fallen asleep at 8 but pushed through until 1 a.m. only because we had friends over. LOL

  2. We played board games on NYE too- definitely was a fun time and no hangover the next day!

  3. I wanted to be playing Cards! I was doing a puzzle instead. I'm a real party animal.

  4. We played Cards Against Humanity on NYE too! However I had too much wine to drink and needed to settle down by the time we started playing ha ha.

  5. I spent my new year's eve at work so Cards Against Humanity is way more wild! I haven't played that game in way too long!

  6. We played Cards Against Humanity on NYE too! Except we were also drinking champagne lol. Happy Friday!

  7. hahah sparkling grape juice for the win. Hey I had some scotch but mine was pretty tame as well.... as I wanted it to be!


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