So True Tuesday....

Good Morning Everyone, 

Apologies for no post yesterday. I thought I had one scheduled but apparently I didn't. Then the day got busy and I never got a chance to sit at the computer and write one out! 

Same thing nearly happened this morning but I have a little time while Kyra is eating her breakfast. 

Today I thought I would pay tribute to Brianne and steal borrow her normal Tuesday post. 

1. Because it looked like a lot of fun. 

2. Because I apparently didn't schedule any posts for yesterday or today and am unable to be clever this morning. 

So here we have....So True Tuesday.....

Weight loss


 Our kind of camping!

 Sounds about like my life right now...i really need to find the strength to change this.

 LOL! Don't keep asking me if I'm mad until I get mad and then say "See, you're mad!" Because I will stab you.. Funny E-Cards - Clicky Pix

 When someone yells 'STOP', I never know if it's Hammertime or if I should collaborate and listen...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Haha yes! Especially to the last 2!

  2. hahah that second to last one is hilarious!

  3. Scheduling posts is my blogging life saver. The first and last ecard are me. Although that 2nd one is applicable in a "I don't separate coffee filters, but get quickly annoyed" type way. :D


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