Friday Favorites 1/23

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Friday!

Apologies that this is going up a little late this morning. Kyra and I decided to sleep in because she was pretty restless most of the night. I think we might be entering the era of nightmares...not sure but she woke up whimpering a few times and had to be comforted back to sleep. However she is fine this morning and back to dancing around my living room!

Here's the favorites for the week: 

Fashion Favorites

Plum Knee High Leather Boots by Gypsy Dharma I want!!!
These boots....ugh #mightyneed

Purple Dress Coat Big Sweep Women Wool Winter Coat Long Jacket Tunic / Fast Shipping - NC419 on Etsy, $229.99
No idea where I would wear this....maybe just around my house...but look so twirly!!

I must have these

Steampunk Gent.
Yeah it's a guy's fashion...but seriously....I miss the days that guys dressed up...jeans are not dress up

Beauty Favorites


Love this but I would probably end up looking like a panda before long....

♥ old Hollywood glamour. Excellent hair and makeup style.
Classic Glam is my Favorite

How to Apply Top Eyeliner
I will forever be in search of the perfect cat eye

Nerdy Girl Favorites

Harry Potter Ring Sterling Silver Jewelry
Need this in my life

This would be SO awesome to have! John would probably laugh,..
Where can I get one? I don't care if it doesn't open a thing...I WANT IT.

If i meet a woman wearing this, i may may her: The Lord of the Rings: The Hobbit Inspired Skirt
I think I need this for Comic Con don't you?

I love these collar clips! Theyre like wearing a necklace but a little more fun and unexpected. such a great detail. This clip is made from two
I don't know why but I love this so not my normal style but...PINK UNICORNS

Favorite Funnies
COFFEE A Warm Delicious Alternative To Hating Everybody Every Morning Forever Sign 12x12...haha love it

 Before calling me, ask yourself "Is this textable?" <-------THIS.

 Pinterest and Me...

 Sarcasm and Wine quotes quote girly quotes funny quotes humor instagram quotes


Have a great weekend Everyone! Don't Forget to linkup!!! 


  1. YES! No calls please! Text.

    You should totally get that skirt.

  2. Those eye makeup inspiration pics are gorgeous - if only I could actually do them myself, haha!

  3. I love the coffee one! My first visit here. Pretty cool place!

  4. Love your funnies girl! Also those eye makeup pins are so on point!

  5. haha love the funnies! I always especially the textable one... lawd people call for silly things sometimes!


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