A Much Needed Friday Favorites

Good Morning Everyone, 

This week....ugh this week.....actually this whole month....2015 needs to get it together. We are only at the end of January and I feel all wrung out from the stress.

So we shall just move on to happier things like the Friday Favorites....

Beauty Favorites
Cute & adorable Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs and Ideas that will definitely leave you inspired to polish off your V-Day look!
I am in love with all of these!

Fashion Favorites
Gorgeous Black and White Casual Outfit
Love the whole thing. I need my Pinterest wardrobe to be real....

I need this. Must feed the AHS addiction...

I love it. All of it.

Household Favorites
I need this in my bedroom. Right now.

~C~ *Dream Stove -The Thermador Professional Series is designed for those whose passion for cooking is rivaled only by their passion for quality and sophistication. This exceptional line of appliances brings state-of-the-art functionality and eye-catching design to every facet of food preparation. This is amazing!
My Dream Oven....complete with food!!!

15 Ways to Use IKEA's Fintorp System All Over The House - great idea! Coffee Mugs and K-Cup Holder
I am setting this up as soon as possible in my kitchen. It is already husband approved!

Nerdy Girl Favorites
Professional Fangirl v3. I'm not in some of these fandoms, but I at least recognize the signs for what they represent :)
Yep this is my profession. I am remarkable amazing at it.

 Favorite Funnies

And Finally.....

Well That is it for me this week, Happy Friday Everyone! 

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  1. It's never too cold for ice cream...truer words have never been spoken.

  2. Bahahhahahah it is never too cold for ice cream ever!!!!!! ;-) I need that tank. I pretty much hit yes to every check box on each line ;-) Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. That dream oven is truly amazing!!! :D

  4. It really is never too cold for ice cream. EVARRRR.

  5. I want that oven too. A lot.

    I'd do that with coffee mugs if I had more room in my kitchen.

  6. I need that "smile, there's whiskey" quote on a tank top or a tshirt. I'm in love with that top outfit!

  7. Love the black outfit!! yes yes yes to that outfit! And I want that oven and I dont even bake often!


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