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Good Morning Everyone,

Today in honor-ish of Throw Back Thursday I am going to be posting a few of my "Lifestories". I got the idea from Mama's Losin It blog and honestly I thought it was just hilariously awesome. 

Basically these are stories that get told every time you get together with a group of people. Everyone has them and you laugh about them even though you have heard them a million times. Also they are usually stories that embarrass you and you wish would die but you know they never will so you laugh anyhow. 

So I give you:

1) When we were younger I pushed my brother (Named Bear here on the blog) off the couch and he broke his collar bone.

2) While at the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum there was a room with mirrored walls and ceiling. There were little twinkle lights in it and basically it looked as if there was no bottom, as if you were looking out into space. Bear asked if there was a floor. I said I didn't know but we could find out...and I pushed him in. My parents were horrified. There was a floor and he only fell a couple inches but still....horrifying.

3) Bear got in trouble with his grades and he was arguing with my mom about it and she got so mad she threw a fork and it hit the table and stuck! Hilarious for me and my youngest brother but to this day Bear teases her about it.

4) Bear (man a lot of these stories are about him aren't they?) was a pretty mouthy child and he made me mad at one point when I was babysitting. He insists on telling everyone he was afraid for his life as I attacked him with "Gorilla Arms". 

5) Youngest brother yells "I can't breathe! Mom make him stop!" Mom yells at Bear. Bear yells back "I'm not even in the same room as him!" He wasn't in the same room and youngest brother was in the same room as Mom she was just busy and he thought he would see if he could get away with it.

So those are a few of our Family Lifestories....and I sound really mean and my brother Bear is apparently involved in all of these....also the youngest is a trouble maker.....don't we sound like fun? 

What are some of the stories that you all tell? Let me hear 'em! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Ha! I love this idea. LOLOL @ you pushing him all over.

  2. Oh dear at the collar bone story but man some of these are hilarious!


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