Tuesday Tunes: The Top Ten Mix

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I thought it would be fun to continue with some more Tuesday Tunes! I decided that I would put my phone on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that came up. It's a little throwback to the MySpace era of things but hey it sounded fun and I thought if anyone else wanted to join in that would give me a reason to put some more songs on the playlist! 

Okay so after running the ten songs I have come to the conclusion I like a real mish mash of things. Yeah.....

1. Problem- Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - Problem by Ariana Grande on Grooveshark  

2. Better Dig Two- The Band Perry

Better Dig Two by The Band Perry on Grooveshark  

3. How It's Done- District 78

How It's Done by District 78 on Grooveshark  

4. Like Real People Do- Hozier

Like Real People Do by Hozier on Grooveshark  

5. Sultans of Swing- Dire Straits

Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits on Grooveshark  

6. Stubborn Love- Lumineers

Stubborn Love by The Lumineers on Grooveshark

7. On My Own- Les Miserables

On My Own by Samantha Barks on Grooveshark

8. Work Bitch- Britney Spears

Work Bitch by Britney Spears on Grooveshark

9. Turn Down for What- Lil Jon

Turn Down for What by Lil Jon & DJ Snake on Grooveshark

10. Let It Go- Frozen

Let it go by Frozen on Grooveshark

Okay so let's have it everyone. If you put your phone on shuffle what are the first ten songs to play? No cheating because that is not as fun!!! There will be no judgement on my end...trust me!


  1. Ohh I love Hozier! Great playlist girl!

  2. Oh man I love me some Britney! Glad that made your list!!

  3. hahaha Let it go made the list!!! Love this idea and some Tuesday I will def be borrowing it :)


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