Confessions 11/26

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's Time for Wednesday Confessions! 

I confess that I have been hunting the online deals this week like crazy! I have scored some great stuff already and now I'm thinking...forget Black Friday! I'll just stay home and shop on the my PJs...with warm cocoa....and no people!

I confess that I bought some leggings at Gordmans on Sunday and when I tried them on I wanted to die from the ridiculousness. Excuse me but leggings are not supposed to have control tops like panty hose! Ugh!

I confess that I have some DIY presents in mind but they require a printer and I am out of black ink....why is ink so expensive?

I confess that I do not understand why it is so damn hard to find tunic tops that cover your butt. Seriously what is the deal? Maybe I just shop at the wrong places...

I confess I am getting frustrated with my husband because every time we go out he buys something he wants or likes and I'm like..."DUDE. CHRISTMAS IS COMING. PUT IT ON A LIST!" This is why it is so hard to buy for him. He buys things the minute he wants them leaving nothing for anyone else to get...

I confess that I have THREE Thanksgivings to go to this week and Lord help me I am going to try to refrain from eating my weight in the delicious food....but....I mean....YUM. 

That's it for me today. Happy Wednesday Everyone and if I don't see you back here tomorrow have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe! 

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  1. Online shopping on black Friday is everything!

  2. Yes to online shopping. I'll take that over being around people ANY day!

  3. SING IT on the tunic tops. REALLY! What am I supposed to wear with leggings?


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