Mommy Needs a Vacation

Good Morning Everyone,

This morning I woke up in a blind panic thinking, "Crap! I'm late for work!" but then Kyra smacked me in the face with her foot and I realized, "Oh no I'm not. I'm at work....I'm always at work." 

This weekend was deer hunting weekend at my husband's Mom and Step-Dad's. Which means my husband left on Friday and now it is Monday morning and he is still not home. Sure he sat out in the cold for hours and all that jazz....but he did it out of fun. He got a whole weekend away from responsibilities...I want to not be jealous as he does it every year but...damn I could use a weekend away.

So without the hubs around commenced a "girls weekend"....aka Kyra and me.

Friday wasn't too bad. My parents had some errands to run and invited us along. I can actually get some shopping done when there are two other people there to distract Kyra. Especially my parents because she would rather be with them than me anyway.

Saturday was a day of chores. Laundry, general cleaning, and trying to keep Kyra out of mischief. My whole family ended up getting really sick so we didn't go visit them the rest of the weekend. Mom has the flu, brother has a cold, and Dad broke out in hives. So basically it was just Kyra and me all day. She thought it was fun....I mostly just felt exhausted because I can't count the number of times I had to say: "Don't Touch That!" "No!" "Kyra please don't sit on the dog." "Kyra please don't do that" "Get that out of your mouth!"  She did take a nap however and I got a lot of work done on the scarf that I am knitting. It is my first knitting project and it is just a scarf for myself but...I'm really slow. However I am really proud of how it is turning out and I will be sure to share it with you all once it is finished!

Sunday was more of the same. Laundry, cleaning...blah blah. Also my dog Brian has now decided since my husband is out of town he can get on the furniture. Um NO. Dog has no respect for me. My family was still sick except for Dad who had to work. So no visiting there. I did take Kyra out for an hour to run to the grocery store because they were having a sale on baking items and I needed flour. It was worth getting Kyra all geared up in winter clothes to score flour for .99 cents! Brown Sugar was also .99 cents and regular sugar was just a $1.29. Seriously you cannot pass up deals like that. Plus I was out of coffee....and no one wants that.

Now it is husband isn't home yet and probably won't be until later this afternoon. Kyra had me up at five after the face kicking I've already mopped the floors and dusted this morning. Now I am sipping coffee, listening to my neighbors fight while their two year old screams, watching Kyra grind Cheez Its into my carpet, and dreaming of the vacation I'm going to take someday....somewhere where the tub is deep enough to cover both your boobs and your knees at the same time....that's the dream I tell ya.

Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. I hope you get that break hun! Hubby will be home soon haha :)

  2. i swear, mad props to single parents. when my husband goes away, i'm all WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK yet when he does the same thing to me when i go away, i'm all CHILL, BRO! I'LL BE BACK WHEN I'M BACK! LOL


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