Tuesday Tunes: Writing Music

Good Morning Everyone, 

So if you are like me you are currently fretting about word counts, dialogue, and character traits. 

Yep NaNoWriMo is upon us and for some of us that means we are desperately trying to keep motivated and keep plugging along at our word counts. 

For some of us that is a harder task than you can even imagine. 

Let's face it, sometimes inspiration just doesn't fall from the heavens and more often than not we are left staring at a blank page. 

So what to do? 

Yep Music. For some reason music inspires writing. It can be any kind of music, whatever makes you tingle. Anything from T. Swift to Metallica....there is no limit to what can spark a little story in you. 

Here's what I like: 

  I prefer a lot of instrumental so that words don't get me distracted:

Something hard and rocking to make me wanna fight for a character. Or get them to fight for themselves. 

Moody stuff...because you know, sometimes you just gotta brood. 

And occasionally the hidden gem from a movie soundtrack. 

So go ahead and take a break from your writing and hit up your music device of choice. Sometimes even just letting the random playlists from Pandora or Spotify can spark something awesome, however I am WAY to controlling for those so I just make my own playlists! 

What music do you listen to while writing? 

Ever had a song inspire an entire story? 

Does anyone else make up music videos to go along with a song they are listening to? Just me? 

Happy Writing Everyone! 


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