Confession Day: Scott Pilgrim Style

Hello Everyone, 

Nope, no Good Morning today. Honestly I am really only blogging so that I can keep my sanity right now.  So let's just get to it. 

I confess that this morning has been a total shit show. Please pardon the language but sometimes the expletives are necessary. 

I confess I was dressed, had my makeup on, Kyra was dressed and after two hours of absolutely everything being awful and just plain taking WAY longer and being WAY harder than it should be, I called it all off. We were supposed to go to story time and I was going to run errands but to hell with it. We are now in bum around clothes and Kyra is in her high chair with some juice and scrambled eggs happily singing to herself now that she is out of the sweater that she was crying about wearing. Seriously she is 1 and yet she is already protesting my outfit choices for her.

I confess that I need a new winter coat because the one I have fits everywhere but my freaking boobs. Seriously they just got huge after I had Kyra and they refuse to go down. I've lost 18 inches all over BUT NOT MY CHEST! 

I confess that the stress of this morning has me wanting to EAT ALL THE THINGS. Because you know...I'm a stress eater. 

I confess that my cup of coffee is my best friend right now. 

I confess that I spent all day yesterday thinking about being positive and putting positive vibes out there and that good things come when you do that....yeah right now if I met yesterday me on the street I would probably throat punch her. Some days just suck like that. 

I confess I didn't even have a confessions post ready...and that I totally forgot about blogging yesterday because I've been working on the novel instead and yes I should plan ahead ...

I confess that I love all you lovely blog people and thank god you all come here to listen to my daily ranting. You all rock.

I'm out. 

P.S.- Scott Pilgrim rocks my socks. 


  1. Some days there isn't a positive place in my body until night when I know it's almost over and tomorrow will be infinitely better simply because it's not today.

    Good for you for saying F it and just stopping the madness and staying home.

  2. Expletives aren't "sometimes" necessary... they're ALWAYS necessary! ;P FUCK. There. See?! :)
    Sorry you had a shitty day. I hope tomorrow is better!!

  3. dude, the freakouts over clothing and outfits..omfg. i just tell kayla the temperature and she can pick whatever she wants as long as it's weather appropriate!


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