The Hallo-Weekend

Good Morning Everyone,

Well here we are on Monday again....and in the month of November no less! 

Did you set your clocks back? 

Did it throw your groove off? 

Did you go trick or treating?

Here's what we did this pictures because it is Monday and who wants to read a massive post??

My Adorable Little Owl

Starting at the Left- Zorro (youngest brother), Swedish Chef (Younger Brother), Wicked Witch (Me), and Owl (Kyra)

My husband went as Silent Bob. Total Hit.
My brother made a bone chandelier....from real bones
Some Scary Wall Decor
Awesome Googly Eyed Pumpkin
My Wicked Witch Eye Makeup
And a Selfie...I am kinda loving the bright green in my hair!


  1. everything and everyone looked great!! DST screwed with us on the first day (my kid woke up at 519am WTF). it seems that my body is now waking up at 430am erryday #RAGE.

  2. I think you look great! But your husband wins because that costume is AWESOME.

  3. Loving the costumessss!!! Everyone even the baby was on point!


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