Confessions 11/19

 Morning Everyone,

Let's Confess...

I confess I got sucked into the black hole of YouTube and watched two hours of surprise baby announcements. I'm not pregnant and don't plan to be for a while yet but these videos are so adorable and uplifting...I'm a weirdo I know.

I confess that what I learned from these announcements is that Grandma's to be are like crazy happy....most of the Grandpa's are as well....80% of the Husbands however?? You can see the light go out of their eyes as they realize they have to be responsible and suddenly think their lives are over.

I confess that over the weekend I made Buffalo Chicken Dip and it was AWESOME. Also confess that I ate it alone because the hubs doesn't like spicy food.

I also confess that I ate it on toasted bread the first night because I didn't have any chips.

I confess that I hate house plants.  Seriously...they are just...another chore. The one next to me currently is finally perking up because I noticed it was half dead right before my husband came home and nearly drowned it in the hopes it would survive. (He likes them.) I dunno....maybe it is because I got most of them from funerals? Either way my thumbs are not green.

That's it for me today! Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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  1. youtube is a total timesuck. i went on last night to check part of the tutorial for something i was making and ended up watching all the crocheting things....for TWO HOURS.

  2. I have done the same thing on YouTube... they just keep suggesting things I want to watch haha!

  3. I'm not a fan of plants either. I kill them all.

    Mm, I've tried that dip before and loved it.

  4. I don't NOT like plants... but I always manage to kill them so I stay away for the safety of everyone. hahah

  5. I get sucked in watching youtube vids all the time. haha of babies, engagements, planners, random vlogs, beauty vids .... so dont feel bad!

  6. I don't do house plants.

    MFD constantly gets sucked in to youtube.


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