Confessions 11/5

Morning Everyone,

It's Time for Confession.

I confess that when told my Halloween costume was "slutty" I just shook that off because seriously I am done with feeling insecure about my body.

I confess that I am seriously considering buying something cheap from Sephora just so I can get the sample bag that they are offering. I WANT IT. There is nothing else I wanna cough up money for at the moment though...I mean my birthday is in a month and Christmas....ugh WHY do they always offer the good stuff when I am not spending money??

 I confess that I am apparently not too cheap to go out and get a new DVD. Maleficent was AMAZING and now I own it!

I confess that I have watched Kyra walk around the dining room table about 30 times. No clue what she is doing....

I confess that these confessions seem boring and lame without the linkup....

I confess I really miss the Blogtober prompts because I am really lacking in the idea department lately...

I confess that that is all my confessions because I am tired and I still have a word count to reach...

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Your Halloween costume pic isn't coming up for me, what were you? My issue with sexy Halloween costumes is things like sexy nurse - they wear scrubs for a reason - but if the costume legitimately calls for skin and boobs, go on then!

    Confession - I dislike month-long blog prompts because I feel like I'm reading the same post 10 times for 30 days in a row if a lot of people I read participate.

  2. OMG I literally JUST emailed you about combo packs! BAHAHAH! And the one I had in mind was the one from Sephora. GIMMEE!

  3. I dont think your costume was slutty ... :/ ppl just need to keep their mouths shut sometimes! And yes maleficent was amazeballs!


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