Thursday Thoughts: Biggest Regret

Good Morning Everyone, 

So the other day my youngest brother was over and he asked me, 

"What's your biggest regret?" 

He's dealing with the whole post college graduation 'I have a degree, now what?' stage of life. I feel bad for him because I remember being 23 and wondering what I was going to do with my here I sit at 29 and I still don't know. 

Anyhow when he asked me I initially thought COLLEGE but honestly I met my best friends in college so that wasn't true. 

My biggest regret is the Student Loan I took out. 

Ugh I hate that thing. 

It's like the albatross around my neck....or an anchor....either way it is keeping me down and it makes my life harder than it should be...

I have been paying on that thing since 2007. I've been paying every single month....and it is still not below 30 grand. Thanks interest rate!

I hate that I am in debt for something I didn't finish. I started off with trying to get a degree in journalism but it was just WAY too cutthroat for me. Also I hate badgering people for interviews and I could care less about the news. After that I was lost at sea. Don't go to college without a sure plan of what you want to do...and a backup just in case.   I have so many friends with degrees that aren't even working in the field they have the degree in....or they are working at a Target or other retail chain because employers want experience along with the very expensive piece of paper. It's so frustrating how much education costs in this country. It's frustrating to know that I will most likely be paying for this thing up until Kyra goes to college.

I wish I would have just kept working and saving my money. I wish that I would have used that money for more fun things instead of feeling overwhelming guilt every time I wanted something. I still have issues with the whole guilt thing...I want something so badly until I get to the store and pick up the item and then suddenly I am filled with immediate panic over whether or not I should spend the money. Shouldn't I be saving it? What if there is an emergency? What if? What if? 

It's exhausting. 

So that is my biggest regret...I know it is the one that I have shed the most tears over. 

What's your biggest regret?


  1. I dont know that I have any regrets but I feel you. My parents paid for most of mine (I have two degrees) but I took a loan for my last two years because I told them "I can do this now" ... Ugh .... 3 years later Im still paying. It could be worse but still Ugh.

  2. MFD is 32 credits shy of his degree, makes more more now than he would've if he finished, and still has about $45k left to pay off. Live and learn?

    I hate that.

  3. I'm so glad I never took out a student loan. I used to have regrets about only having an associate's degree but like you said... so many people now have degrees that don't even get used - it's insane!


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