Friday Favorites~ Gift Guide Edition

Good Morning Everyone!

So it's that time of year again. Everywhere in Blog Land I see posts with gift guides. What to get for Him, What to get for Her, What to get for Baby...Grandparents...etc. 

Well I was looking through these guides and I thought....Where are all the gifts for Nerds??!! 

So today I give you....

Here are ten awesome Nerdy Gifts to make anyone Fangirl!  

1. Mugs- Everyone loves mugs don't they? For either coffee, tea, or cocoa? Well these Harry Potter themed mugs are perfect! Especially if you know a Nerdy Couple!  $23.25

2. Nerdy Jewelry- A classy and classic way to show your inner Nerd!  $9.00 

3. Home Decor- My brother actually has several of these prints from Ant Lucia! $38.00

4. Board Game- Do you think you could sniff out a spy? The Resistance is a great group game that will have you laughing and accusing each other the whole evening. My husband got it for Christmas last year. It is always a hit! $14.42 

5. Nerdy Baby- Have a Nerdy Couple that just had a little one? Trust me when I say we love to show off our fandoms via onesies! $9.99

6. Plushies- Because seriously who doesn't love a plushie?? $24.99

7. Shirts- Nerds Love to sport their Fandoms. $28.00

8. Tote- Gotta have something to carry all that loot in! $25.00

9. Ornament- Simple. Fun. Awesome. $17.95

10. Nail Wraps- These are all the rage these days it seems and Espionage Cosmetics makes the most adorable Nerdy Nail Wraps! $10 

So there you have it! A short and quick guide for all your Nerdy Gift Giving! Even if the gifts are just for you! 

Happy Friday Everyone! 


  1. LOVE that Harry Potter mug!

  2. MFD is a huge Star Wars nerd. I already got him an R2D2 outdoor light up decoration.

  3. Love it! Have you seen this Harry Potter mug? I think it is hysterical and totally want one Stopping by from the Friday Favorites link up. I blog over where we like things a bit stronger than cocoa, but it is good to!


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