Tuesday Tunes: A New Series

Morning Everyone,

So my week is pretty much shaping up to be pretty....well crap. However after doing my heavy handed post yesterday where you all let me whine a bit I am here to bring a little humor to your Tuesday. 

I've decided to do a series of posts called Tuesday Tunes. I've done posts before with the title but I got to thinking about how much fun they are so I thought I would just go ahead and make it a series. Plus it makes it much easier to write posts that already have a theme. I need a little structure in my life. 

Anyhow I saw this post a while ago on Reddit and then it popped up again in my Facebook Feed. The video is just adorable and basically describes how I feel after a weekend of cleaning only to have my husband come home and just leave his dirty laundry all over the place, clutter up my table again, and leave dishes out for me this morning. Seriously he is worse than the one year old....

So here is the video, hope you all enjoy, Have a great Tuesday and join me back here for Confession Day tomorrow! 


  1. hahah that vid was funny! Too cute ... I can imagine how you feel :)


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