Thursday Thoughts

1. I have failed yet again at blogging this week. Partially this is because my computer sucks right now and is ridiculously slow and partially because I am not feeling particularly interesting this week. It is what it is. 

2. While I haven't been blogging I have been reading blogs and now have a list of stolen borrowed posts that I want to post in the near future. 

3. Barometric Headaches are the worst....and it is just rainy as all get out around here so my headaches only ease up...never actually go away. 

4. I am actually really excited about possibly getting to go on a business trip with my husband next week. In Omaha....Nebraska.....for real. Why am I excited? Well they have a pretty awesome zoo there and the hotel will have a pool where I can take Kyra so it will feel just like a fancy vacation right? Yes I think so. 

5. I finished two books in one day on Tuesday. Then I put one down to never be finished because I was bored with it and just couldn't give it any more time. After reading two REALLY good books I just couldn't force myself to put up with a boring one. #nobodygottimeforboringbooks 

6. I actually had to force myself to not start reading any of the books I picked up from the library yesterday. It was 11pm and I knew that if I picked one up I would be up all night reading it. 

7. Joke was on me though since I spent until 2AM looking at knitting patterns. #whatsupmyknittaz? 

8. I went to the store yesterday and thought to myself (while shopping) I need flour. I should go and get it now. Guess what I forgot? Yep. Flour.

9. My aunt went to Hawaii for a few weeks and brought back snacks. I swiped these from my Mom's house. YUM. 

10. Planet Comicon is going to make me go broke. SO MANY amazing guests are coming and I am going to have to start pinching all my pennies to be able to afford all the things I want. GINNY WEASLEY  is coming people!!!! 

Please excuse me whilst I fangirl. 

It's Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Thank the Gods. 


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