March Goal Recap

March started off pretty promising but I will be honest and say that the last week and a half were pretty much a wash. Still I though I would go ahead and update! 

Wake up Early-I did this most days but then insomnia and messed up sleep schedules happened and pretty much ruined all that so...try try again!

Yoga- This was hit and miss the whole month. I wanted very much to get into it but once the whole sleep schedule went awry I admit I lost focus. 

Meditation- Yet another thing affected by the slump. Great for three flop last week.

Outside Play-Great success! Kyra and I have played in the sandbox, we've run around, we've done all kinds of fun outdoor things! My girl is an outdoor girl and while that isn't my favorite thing, she is and I love being with her.

Planning- This was going great until last week when things kind of flopped. However I am back at it again this week and things are looking up again. I really love my bullet journal and filling it out last night was actually really helpful in getting out of this slump I've been in. 

All in all March I give March a C-. Things were going good but when I dropped the ball I dropped it hard. I am ready to get out of the slump and get things back again.


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