Confessions: In a Funk

I confess that the past couple of weeks I have been in a huge funk. 

I confess that I haven't felt like writing which is a pretty big sign that things are not up to par. I just have I'm hoping however that writing this post will be the beginning of getting things moving forward. 

I confess that part of the funk is probably because I haven't been working out or being particularly good about healthy choices. I WANT to start making changes but I will admit I am overwhelmed with information and not sure where to begin. 
parks and recreation start ann perkins begin where to start

I confess that lately I spend more time staring at the blank page than I do writing anything down. I have about a million ideas going through my head but when I sit down to put them on's blank.

I confess that my sleep schedule is a mess right now. I'm up all hours of the night and then sleeping until mid morning and then I'm just tired all day....until about 10pm when I have a surge of energy and then I'm up all night. Seriously it has to stop. 

I confess that this post took hours and hours to write, but it got written. At least one thing managed to got done! 

Happy Humpday Everyone. 

More Coffee Less Talky

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