Thursday Thoughts: Spring has Sprung

1. Kyra Loves Flowers. This picture is adorable. 

2. So many flowers in bloom. My phone actually takes decent pictures in natural lighting....

3. With flowers in bloom that means allergies are in bloom too....

4. I forget how sweet our downtown area is in my hometown until I go wandering around it. I mean we have an old fashioned soda fountain.....where you can get chocolate ice cream sodas! 

5. Michael's apparently has $2 grab bags. (If you follow ChaosnCocoa on Snapchat you've seen this madness) I grabbed five of them and then went back and got three more (that was all that was left) 

6. Said grab bags had awesome spring/Easter stuff in them. I am set for next year! 

7. This bunny was originally $ was in one of the $2 bags with some Easter baskets. I love scores like that! 

8. I was at the library yesterday. I had 2 books in from my hold list. This morning I get an email....12 books are in now. #obviouslyShowUsYourBooksweek #HappyNationalLibraryWeek

9. This is basically my life in my house now. 

10. Super Awesome-Sauce News. My Bestie Amanda is coming in this weekend! Let the good times roll!  

Happy Thursday Everyone.


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