Thursday Thoughts

1. Still flying by the seat of my pants with blogging this week. So if this is random, apologies. 

2. My husband had to write a letter and he always has me check it over to make sure there aren't any glaring grammar issues or spelling issues. Well his boss sent him an email asking if he could be a Grammar Nazi on the letter and my husband kind of called me out on it like I didn't check it well enough. I was irritated and then the guy sent it back. It was completely restructured from a letter to a bullet point presentation type grammar changes whatsoever. Husband was embarrassed and I just was like "Whatever, I'm not your secretary and my services are now withdrawn." #doityourdamnself

3. I have guests coming in this weekend for International Tabletop Day so that means I have to go to the dreaded Walmart. Hopefully I can get there super early and be home before noon. 

4. When I saw that Ulta was having a sale on their Urban Decay lipsticks I immediately snatched up the coveted F-Bomb that Steph and Jana recommended! FYI the sale is still going on and the lipsticks are 50% off! 

5. I still have to finish my Omaha recap post but my computer is running SO SLOW and it is probably due to the absolute overload of pictures. 

Super short and simple today because I need to get it in gear if I am going to get to the store and back early! 

Happy Thursday Everyone! 


  1. Hurrah for F-Bomb!

    Grr do it yourself is right!

  2. 1. I heart random.
    2. awesome hashtag!
    3. I heart boardgames...but I don't think the same kind as you do.
    4. I miss Ulta.
    5. Recap at your own pace; we'll still be here :)


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