April 2016 Goals

1. Workout- In an effort to shake the slump and get things going I've decided that I need to get things going. Namely I need to get myself going. So I am shooting for at least 30 minutes a day but honestly even five minutes is better than nothing! 

2. Read- My reading took kind of a hit lately and I've got a huge stack of To Read books that I am more than ready to get into. 

3. Write- I need to write. Even just a paragraph a day. I need to get writing again. Whether it is actual writing or just journaling my thoughts. Writing is writing. 

4. Bedtime- I have a great night time routine for my face but getting to sleep is a whole other thing. I need to start getting into bed at a normal time.

5. Meditate- I was doing so well with this but once I hit the slump I was so not in the mood to listen to meditations and trying to do unguided ones just resulted in me worrying about things instead of relaxing. So once again I will start from the beginning at three minute intervals and move forward from there. 

What are your goals for the month? Anyone else going through a bit of a slump? I feel like the whole blogging world has been in one.


  1. I think every one of these needs to be a goal of mine for the month! Missed you lady, hope you have been well!


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