Planet Comicon 2016 Recap

This year was the first con that my bestie Amanda had ever gone to and on Thursday night she came up in early ready for the fun to be had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Matt also came in Friday morning to spend the weekend and I was super excited to have our friends go with us and I was absolutely thrilled that it was Amanda's first con! 

Friday: My mom offered to watch Kyra so that I could spend the day looking without having a little one to look after. It was really nice of her because I actually got to really look and just wander around to look at whatever I pleased. Friday is a great day to go because the crowd isn't as huge as it will be on Saturday and you can really walk around and get a good look at everything. I spent pretty much all of Friday looking at art and buying awesome goodies! 
We got so many different art pieces but this one is one of my very favorites!

My Friday haul....Nerdy Nail Wraps, Supernatural Charm Bracelet, Piranha Plant Earrings, Key Necklace.

Saturday: This is always a big day at the Con and we knew it was going to be crowded. Kyra was with us this time but we were smart and brought the stroller so that she could take a break whenever she needed it. She was dressed as Rapunzel (after the haircut of course) and she loved all the attention she got for being such a cutie. 

Amanda and I also dressed up. I wasn't in a full cosplay but I was in geek attire! 
It was really fun to be dressed up and people kept complimenting my outfit which was really awesome. 

There was also some truly amazing cosplay!

A pretty big chunk of my Saturday was spent waiting in line to meet Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy. We waited about an hour and a half but it was totally worth it! 

He was so sweet and really tried to spend a few moments with each person even though is line was crazy long.  

He also signed the box for my Draco Malfoy replica wand. Slytherins for Life! 

Sunday: My parents came along with us this time. My mom wanted to get Barbara Eden's (I Dream of Genie) autograph and also Lou Ferrigno (The HULK). Dad just loves to go and see all the leather workers and prop makers. He is a super creative person and this just fuels his inspiration for new projects.  

I also took some pictures with the Impala from Supernatural! 

Kyra was an adorable Snow White this day. SO CUTE. Amanda and I took her down to the children's play section while the guys finished shopping and took more pictures. 
She loved this tiny R-2.

She wanted to kiss the alien.

All in all this was another AMAZING year at Planet Comicon. It felt a lot bigger this year and I am sure that it will continue to grow. I love getting to see all the amazing artists and honestly just feeling like I am among my people. It might sound weird to some...but it is totally where my tribe lives and I am going to miss them...until next time.


  1. Omg she's the cutest thing ever! especially as snow white. I'm like jealous/happy for you that you took a picture with Impala from supernatural. I'm a huge fan of the show, even tho i'm not impressed with the season that just ended. I've always wanted to these types of events. Thanks for sharing!

    Maryam |

    ^^ you'll appreciate that.

    I never really associated with a house from HP, but even still it's awesome he signed your wand!


    Finally, I'm SUPER glad you dressed up. You look adorable!


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