Omaha Zoo 2016

Robert had to go to Omaha for some business stuff and we decided to go ahead and go up early and enjoy a day at the Omaha Zoo! I hadn't been since I was probably around like 14 or so and I was really excited to take Kyra on a mini "holiday"! 

Warning: This will be a picture heavy post! 

We left at 6am and arrived at just a bit after 9am. Kyra was ready to go! It was a perfect day for the zoo as it was only about 70 degrees and sunny. I was prepared for it to be scorching hot (it always seems to be when we decide to make a trip to the zoo) but it was glorious!
Awesome Splash Fountain

TL: Kyra when we arrived. TM: Elephant baby TR: Kyra posing with the baby elephant Statue 
ML: Tortoise MM: Silver-back Gorilla MR: Tiger (That was roaring VERY loudly right before this pic)
BL: Proud Lion BM: Puma stopped to pose BR: Kyra pets the baby goat

TL: Aardvark TM: Giant Flemish Rabbit (It was HUGE) TR: Pony
ML: Kyra DOES NOT like peacocks MM: Mommy and Kyra MR: Grumpy Monkey
BL: Sun Bear BM: Komodo Dragon BR: White Tiger

Jungle area....with actual fruit bats just flying around freely. Kyra wasn't even bothered.

Monkey Tree and Hungry Sloth

Such a happy girl. She was amazing the whole time. I think she really enjoyed our little "holiday" away!

Overall Review: It was a blast! I love that it is a little more condensed than the Kansas City Zoo (it is HUGE and there is so much walking and next to no shade.) There were lots of places to sit and just watch the animals and we packed our lunch and had a little picnic by the big cat complex and it was awesome to watch the tigers while we ate! Kyra really enjoyed telling me about all the animals and their colors and what sounds they make. I highly recommend going if you are ever in Omaha! 
 *There was a lot of construction going on but it looks like in a few months there are going to be some really nice exhibits going in for the African animals! 


  1. I love any and all zoos, and I've never been to Omaha, so this was great!


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