Guess Who's Back? Back Again?

Good Morning Everyone, 

Apologies for being MIA from the blog for a bit. 

After the funeral I was set to start blogging again but then I started all the prep for Planet Comicon and basically I got nothing written at all last week. Yesterday I took the day to basically recharge my batteries from a weekend of awesomeness, which by the way I will have a post on hopefully Thursday, and today I will be spending setting my house back to order and hopefully lots of writing. 

I also apologize that I missed all your posts from the past few weeks. I tried to read a few but I had literally over 300 posts to go through and it just did my mind a solid by marking them all as read and starting fresh this week. 

So here's to being back at the blog again! I've missed you. 



  1. Even when I miss just a couple of days, I feel overwhelmed by all the posts I need to read. Sometimes, you just gotta let it go!


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