May Goals and Linkup!

1. Workout-I had this goal last month but I admit that I fell really short on it. This month I am shooting for 3x per week! 

2. Use MyFitnessPal- In my effort to get healthy I am also going to be tracking my meals in MyFitnessPal again. It just helps keep me aware of just what I am eating!

3. Plan Kyra's 3rd Birthday- Kyra will be turning three in a month! I can hardly believe it and now I need to get on the ball an plan this party for my girl!

4. De-clutter- To get prepared for Kyra's party I need to seriously De-clutter some of her looks like we have five kids...not just one. 

5. Planet Comic Con - I am so excited about this! I have to get prepared for the actual days (a lot of prep goes into a full weekend con!) and also have some other things that have to get taken care of as well before May 20th!!!

I'm linking up my goals this month in a new linkup! The What's New With You Linkup!  Be sure to join in!

What's New With You


  1. ooooh a comic con? fun! good luck with your workout goals and decluttering.. i know what you mean about 5 kids instead of 1.. no kids here but we have 2 spare rooms and they are chock a block full of crap and it looks like 10 people live here. thanks for linking up with us!

  2. ugh dont even get me started on the toys! i have to sneak stuff out of the house otherwise kayla is all "BUT I NEEEEEEEED IT!"


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