INFJ Confessions

Today I thought I would share with you some confessions of my MBTI personality type- INFJ

I confess that I feel like I have a greater purpose. That I am meant to do SOMETHING.....but I have no idea what that something is....

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I confess along that line that I'm also a perfectionist to the point of procrastination. If I can't do it perfect then why even do it? 

I confess that moderation does not come easily to me. I'm all in or I do not care at all....there really isn't an in between. 

I confess that I want to be there to help people and humanity but I also feel like people suck the energy from me. 

I confess that I am always wanting to go out and have fun but I also want to avoid people all together. I love isolation but yet I get lonely. It is SUPER confusing. 

I feel whatever you are feeling. Seriously. Not Kidding. If you are down and feeling miserable I will immediately feel those feels. It's hard to be around people because I absorb their energy instantly. 

I also remember lots of details and often have to play dumb to avoid freaking people out with what I know about them.

I confess that when I say that I'm "tired" I really mean that I am craving peace....not sleep. 

I confess I have already scripted out our interaction at least twenty times before we meet up....and if it doesn't go according to script then I am flustered and rarely goes according to script. 

I confess that it bothers me that these points of my personality bother me. Yes. It bothers me that it bothers me. 

Have you taken an MBTI personality test? Are you an introvert or extrovert? 

Don't forget to link up with your confessions this week! 

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  1. i'm a balls to the wall type of person as well. when i want something, i want it right and i want all of it!

  2. I've taken Myers Brigs several times and I'm always ENTJ. I told a former boss my results once and she said "Oh, the Little Hitler". Yep, Little Hitler. Thanks...

  3. I should retake the MB. In the last few years, I've seen some changes from my HS results, which I always find interesting. I'm definitely the person that is do it correctly/to perfection or not at all.. which is why my floors are always so messy.

    I'm also the worst for saying "I'm just tired," when someone asks what is wrong with me, when something is obviously wrong. I also understand the empath personality and being aware of how other people are feeling. I don't know why I feel I need to take on other's feelings, but it happens all the freakin' time so I try to avoid negative or perpetually bitchy people.


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