Confessions 5/25/16

I confess I go in to Comic Con with the best of intentions and a budget but always end up seeing the most awesome stuff and well...

I confess that a drinking game could be made out of how many Harley Quinns you see at the con...also Deadpools.

I confess that while I try to act super chill about meeting actors that I really admire when I actually meet them? No Chill. No chill at all. Starstruck.

I confess that Game of Thrones gave me all the feels this week. Seriously I am scarred for life......That was not OK. NOT OK.

I confess that this is going to be a short confession session because I have Comic Con on the brain and tomorrow's whole post is devoted to the recap! 

Happy Humpday Everyone! 

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren
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  1. Now that we've seen what Margot Robbie looks like as Harley Quinn, I'd be so intimidated to dress up as another version. I'd be sooooo sub-par. haha!


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