Hawaii Care Package Haul

So the other day I was wandering around in my Mom's kitchen (because who doesn't check out their mom's kitchen when they visit?) and came across some interesting things. If you follow me on SnapChat or on Instagram then you might have had a sneak preview into some of the strangeness.

Turns out my Uncle in Hawaii sent my Mom a care package of some strange and interesting items that we just don't have around here! 

Lots of food Stuff! I have to say that I liked the regular cuttle fish better than the hot version. It wasn't so much hot as just a little bit of spice. The Marlin jerky was awesome. I think that the crack seeds are my favorite but I also really liked the Island Lava (brittle with lots of fruits in it) but it was super sweet. 

The Island Macs (Chocolate Macadamia Nuts) are of course awesome. 

The Mochi Crunch were pretty good. Mostly they just taste like crackers but they smell like soy sauce. 

The Ume Candy was pretty tasty in my opinion but my Dad wasn't a fan. 

I haven't tried the Chewy Peanut Cakes, the Iso Peanuts, or the Gummies and I probably will only try the Cakes since I'm not a huge fan of peanuts or gummies. 

Also he sent  some really pretty sarongs with beautiful print. I love the colors and flowers! 

It was a lot of fun to open the package and find all these cool items and then to try them all out! I love seeing local foods from places I've never been!


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