My stages of sickness

This post comes to you late in the day because I am in fact...sick. 

It's just a cold and I know that I got it from Kyra who was sick with it just a few days ago but now she is feeling a million times better and I'm the one that is down and out. Thankfully she got about a million new movies for Christmas so she is happily entertained while I lay here in a germ haze on the couch trying to motivate myself into doing something. This blog is that something today.

Since I am sick I would share with you the stages of sickness. Fun huh? 

I wake up....(it always happens in the morning first thing....) 

 Throat feels scratchy. HOT TEA. I need HOT TEA. 

Oh god I cannot breathe out of my left nostril. Where is the Vicks?! 

 Is it cold in here? Where are the blankets? I'm hungry....

What is that wheezing noise? it coming from me????

*Sneeze*Hack*Cough*  Where are the tissues???? HOW DID WE USE UP TWO BOXES OF TISSUES IN TWO DAYS??

Well....the hot tea and grilled cheese was nice going down but apparently Morning Sickness had other ideas. Now feel like a hollowed out pumpkin. 

Kyra: Mommy sick? I kiss it. All better? -----She is the absolute sweetest. 

Hope you all have a great (and germ free) day today. 


  1. Feel better soon! It's never fun to be sick after the holidays!

    Lauren :)

  2. Oh no, feel better! I have pretty much the same reactions to the sickness. Get some rest and fluids and kick it fast!

  3. A cold & morning sickness?! Well, that's just not fair at all! Feel better :)


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