Friday Favorites 1/8

Good Morning Everyone, 

So this post is going up super late and I didn't get a post up yesterday because I have literally been EXHAUSTED. I'm not even joking. Not like "super tired" or even "super lazy" just EXHAUSTED. I literally feel like I can barely get anything done without having to sit down or rest. I also just randomly fell asleep on the couch yesterday. Like one minute I was awake and watching Kyra play and the next I was waking up without any idea of how much time had passed. Kyra was still happily playing so I'm guessing it wasn't that long but man it freaked me out. 

Apparently however this is totally normal. When I was pregnant with Kyra I remember being tired but never to this extent. I'm hoping it will pass soon. 

Anyhow now that you are updated let's get on with the Friday Favorites! 

Some Like It Haute China Glaze grape fizz nails:

See Ya, Middle Part! 10 Side Swept ‘Dos You Can DIY | Brit + Co:

Nerdy Girl: 
so true

 If Lost, Humor Book Lover Unisex Hoodie, Book Nerd, Funny Hoodie:

heh :):

 Caffeine and weirdness abounds. #coffee:

That's it for me this week, hopefully next week I will get it together and not be so exhausted! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I remember being so tired when pregnant! I'd come home from work and have to put the Wiggles on for my daughter while I snuck in a 20 minute nap! I love that glitter nail polish! Glitter polish is so pretty but I HATE taking the stuff off. Have a great weekend!

  2. That first someecard has me laughing. I hope your exhaustion passes soon xo


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