Weekend Recap: The First one (of 2016)

Good Morning Everyone,

Well here we are in the new year and I'll just let you know it's been interesting.

First off 2015 decided to end on a bummer note. I fell while walking the dog and messed up my knees pretty badly.

Then we spent the evening taking care of Kyra who caught a really bad cold. Poor thing was just miserable.
Still gave Mom a little smile though.

We watched silly movies, Robert tried out his new deep fryer, and drank sparkling grape juice out of fancy glasses.

New Year's day was really quiet as well. We watched some silly movies and continued to take care of our sick little lady. It was a napping kind of day. I did catch up on blogs and comments because I was nearly a week behind! Apologies if I took forever to reply to you all!

Saturday: We decided to take down all the Christmas decor. This was probably the earliest I have ever taken them down but this year I was just ready. I needed the space and I was just ready to put it all away. It feels really nice to have it all done! 
While we were cleaning it seems that Kiya managed to catch a parrot or perhaps a flamingo.

Sunday: Another pretty quiet day. The sickness finally found it's way to me and Kyra and I spent the better part of the morning coughing. So we watched movies and relaxed. Robert and I did play one of the new games that we got for Christmas and basically we just stayed in and took it easy. 

I realize that probably sounds like a pretty boring weekend but honestly I didn't mind too much. I do wish that the sickness hadn't happened but I am glad that this first weekend was just our little family spending time together! 

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a lovely New Years. 

Welcome back to Monday.


  1. Hope everyone gets to feeling better & Happy New Year!

  2. Yowza, that was a rough one! I hope everyone is back on the mend soon!


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