In Which We Turned Back Time....

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I had to. Apologies.

Well I took another blogging break apparently but I have been writing steadily so it isn't a total loss. NaNoWriMo has been going good so far and I am getting really happy with my story. 

Friday was a slow day but Kyra and I spent the time taking a long afternoon walk and gathering leaves for a craft project that we will be working on today. She had such a great time finding all the different colors and got overly excited when she found tiny little leaves. 

The evening was spent writing. I had fallen behind on my word count a bit so I made myself sit down and focus for a bit while Kyra watched a movie and I managed to get 5,000 words done. I felt so much better after getting so much done and was really proud of that word count! 

Also super exciting my parents went to Vegas for the weekend to visit my Uncle and Auntie and cousins. They had won tickets and my Mom hadn't seen her brother or his kids in years so I am really glad that she and Dad were able to go! 

Saturday- Bobby went to help his dad move a bunch of furniture so I spent the day taking down and putting away all the Halloween decorations. I was so proud of myself because even though I really wanted to put up Christmas stuff I stopped myself. I instead put up just some nice fall decor to get me through until after Thanksgiving. But I'm not kidding when I say the weekend after I will be putting my tree up! 

That night we went to my brother's Halloween Leftovers party. Bobby was Dr. Bruce Banner and I was Femme Clark Kent. Kyra went as Hazel from the Little Charmers. She got to meet my brother's girlfriend's niece (they are around the same age) and had a great time playing Barbie and Littlest Pet Shop on the floor while we visited. 

 The party was really fun and was a very relaxed and chill atmosphere which was great because I may or may not have had a slight meltdown over my costume before we got there. A great time was had by all but by 10pm we were headed back home. #lifewithkids

Sunday- Funday. Daylight savings happened but I didn't notice other than having to change my clocks that don't change automatically. Kyra was still up bright and early and ready for breakfast at her normal time. #parentinglife
 Made cookies that turned out really flat but super tasty. Took half of them to my younger brother because he was having guests over and had messed up the ones he was trying to make. 
Made homemade pizza that was amazing because we hadn't had it in FOREVER. 
Kyra discovered that the TV in the bedroom will also play her movies so she spent the day playing on my bed with toys and watching her movies while Bobby caught up on the shows he likes but doesn't get to watch during the week. 
I spent the afternoon writing, working on blogs, and attempting to meal plan for the week. 

Don't forget that tomorrow is the big book linkup! Be sure to share your reads from last month! 

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