In Which We Gave Thanks, Found Fantastic Beasts, and met a Strange Doctor

On Saturday we had our first Thanksgiving of the year at my parents' place. It was delicious as always and a lot of fun. So much good food and talking, visiting, playing games. We had a really great time. Lots of pictures of Kyra were taken because she was especially adorable. 

After our dinner we decided to take a family trip to the movies and see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We used to go to the movies after Thanksgiving when we were little and it was great to relive that tradition this year. We also went to see all the Harry Potter movies together when they came out. It was awesome to have our big group of 8 head to the movies and all get to sit together and watch a movie. 

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The move itself? BRILLIANT. It was wonderful to get to be part of the Harry Potter world again even with different characters. Actually it was even better because this was totally new. I loved the stories and the Fantastic Beasts were like something out of my childhood imagination. I want to see the movie approximately a billion more times. I would drop everything and go see it again today if I could! 

Sunday morning Robert mentioned going to see Doctor Strange and after seeing Fantastic Beasts I was ready to go to the movies again. Kyra was so well behaved during the movies and I think that part of that was due to the awesome theater seats that they have installed. You can recline them and she was having a great time making hers go up and down before the movie started.

Doctor Strange was good though not as good as Fantastic Beasts in my opinion. My biggest issue is the whole world flipping thing, it always makes me a little nauseous and gives me a bit of a headache. But Benedict Cumberbatch was great to watch and the actual story line was good. 
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After the movie we had to stop by Walmart so I could pick up some Christmas gifts I had ordered and then stopped by the Redbox to pick up a few more movies. (What can I say, it was a movie weekend.) The rest of Sunday was spent curled up on the couch together watching Tarzan, Star Trek: Beyond, and Warcraft. 

All in all the weekend was pretty much amazing. 

How was your weekend?


  1. that's the only thing stopping me from seeing dr. strange...the movement. i don't do well in those types of movies so i'll probably end up getting sick!

  2. Ugh. Gosh. It's been one of those weeks where it is Thursday morning, and I don't even remember what I did last weekend. But, I enjoyed reading about yours because it sounds fantastic! And, yes, Kyra looked especially adorable. So did her mama :)

  3. So I keep getting Dr. Strange confused with the baddie from Star Trek. Ya know the "YOU SHOULD HAVE LET ME SLEEP!" dude. It's hard to be me.


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