Geeky Guy Gift Guide

1. Loot Crate- Seriously if your Geeky Guy doesn't have Loot Crate then this is the gift to get him! A monthly subscription of Nerdy Awesomeness delivered to his door! The best thing is you can now select all types of different Loot Crate's based on what he likes!

2. Movies- Geeky movies are at an all time high right now and what better gift than to give your guy a set of awesome movies for a night in together?

3. Funko Pops- Super fun to collect and in all types of fandoms you can basically get a funko pop of anything!

4. Geeky Shirts- Wear it loud and proud! Geeky shirts are fashionable and just plain fun!

5. Wallet or Key chain- I know that most guys are big into accessories but I do know that most would also really love an geeky wallet or awesome key chain. Just small tokes of their inner nerd!


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