A List of Threes

Saw this post on Steph's blog but forgot I had started it until I saw Kristen post it....so I finally finished it! 

Three Things I would never give up- Books, Makeup, or time with Kyra 

Three Favorite Vegetables- Potatoes, Broccoli, Zucchini

Three Shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Supernatural. I have also seen all of Friends, The Office, That 70s Show, Deadwood, Sex and the City,.... But the first three I watched from the day they aired until the day they finished. Except Supernatural is still going strong! 

Three Places I want to visit in the US-Hawaii, New Orleans, California.........This was so hard I want to go LOTS of places!

Three places I want to visit outside the US- New Zealand, Japan, Bora-Bora. Again this was SO HARD.

Three things I always have with me- a pen, lip gloss, hair tie or clip

Three things that are always in my car- Ice scraper, napkins, the ever present smell of soy sauce

Three most recent phone calls- Bobby, My Mom, My Dad

Three most often used makeup products- Foundation- I have been using the L'Oreal Stay Matte lately or the Milani Conceal and Perfect , Mascara- I have been using Smashbox and then Buxom as a combo, Matte Lip Cream- I love the ones by Nyx and use Istanbul, Tokyo, and Copenhagen the most!

Three Things that make me laugh- Kyra, My dogs, Silly animal gifs

Three things that make me cry- I am a crier. Seriously I cry over most things. However Hallmark Christmas Commercials, Christmas movies in general, and Disney are the biggest culprits. 

So what is your list of threes?


  1. i was gonna say, is Supernatural over?! i watched like.. 6 or 7 seasons i think? maybe one day i will catch up. i am a crier too, high five haha. i will have to check out that milani conceal and perfect stuff.

  2. LOLOL @ the ever present smell of soy sauce.

  3. You always have a pen with you?! I never seem to be able to find a pen when I need one (away from work.) I'm all about a matte lip right now as well. I miss NYX.


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