What I Read: March Edition

It's time for my favorite link up again! I actually did a decent amount of reading this month though admittedly I did get hung up on one particular author. Oops.

New Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick- This is actually book 2 in the Black Dog Bay Series. Basically Black Dog Bay is THE place to go after you have had your heartbroken. Everything in the town is themed (The Whinery, The Jilted Cafe, Better off Bakery...etc) This book was fun, silly, and predictable but that was exactly what I was in the mood for. If you are someone who likes cozy romance books with happy endings. You'll like this one.


Put A Ring on It by Beth Kendrick- The third in the Black Dog Bay series. Again lighthearted and fun. I love how old characters turn up in these books and honestly out of the four books in this series this one was my favorite. I loved seeing characters from before get even more fleshed out into actual main stars of the show.


Once Upon a Wine by Beth Kendrick- The fourth in the series. 
Again sweet, fun, predictable. I really want to move to this town and meet all these characters. I suppose that is why I keep coming back for more! Hopefully this isn't the last in the series because I really love them!


The Bake-Off by Beth Kendrick- Another Kendrick but this time not set in Black Dog Bay. This one is a stand alone but I really loved reading about the two VERY different sisters and of course reading about all the delicious baked goods. Romance and pastry...I mean the two go hand in hand right?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling- Okay so I have read this before but when I saw that Eddie Redmayne was reading the audio book version I picked it up immediately on Audible. I love that this edition includes even more creatures and I love that Eddie has given Newt Scamander life in this audio book as well as on screen. Delightful.


Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt- All this sweetness there was bound to be one sour right? This book was just miserable to read and I honestly did not finish. Misogynistic and plain violent toward the female characters (although they were all vapid and awful anyhow) plus the author was literally OBSESSED with breasts. Just UGH. I put it down and never looked back. Hard Pass. 


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  1. I love it when you find an author to binge! Hex had caught my attention but my library did not carry it. And it sounds like I'm not missing anything! Good to know!

  2. I don't binge on authors. I don't binge watch tv either. I do like to binge eat or drink though. haha.

  3. I have been known to binge read a series... hehe :) I think that for me there are definitely times when the fluffy, usually predictable romance/happy story needs to be read. Especially when the real world is in such a state! I'm definitely looking into her stand alone. It sounds a bit more my speed, but it's good to have a new author in mind. :) Fun that Eddie Redmayne narrated the audio book! The movie was just lovely!! Bummer about the last book. I remember reading one book in college that I couldn't quit reading, I wanted to know what happened, but I was so just grossed out by it. OH well, that happens sometimes! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Those Beth Kendrick books sound really cute! I'm always in the mood for lighthearted romance, so I'll have to pick one of hers up!

  5. I'm sort of interested in the Black Dog Bay series even though it's not what I typically read.

  6. I'm trying not to get invested in another series, since I tend not to finish them! However, The Bake-Off sounds like a fun read and an intro into Kendrick!

  7. I definitely binge authors. No shame in that.

  8. I've been in the mood for some light reads, so I think I might try the Black Dog Bay series! :)

  9. i do quite enjoy cozy romance books with happy endings so i will look into that series and her other book. hex sounds awful. definitely skipping that one.

  10. I've never heard of that series, but from your description of the second book it sounds really fun. Is it themed around dogs, or is that just the name of the place?

  11. I think I need to listen to Fantastic Beasts - I'd be quite okay with Eddie reading me a story. ;)

  12. Haha I love binge reading authors. I haven't heard of her before so I'll have to check out these books. I also haven't picked up Fantastic Beasts because I heard it just wasn't that good :/ But I might have to give it a go.


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