The One with the First Weekend of April

Well hey there. It's been more than a hot minute since I posted a blog. I have no excuses it just didn't happen in March. I'm going to try and do better this month. 

Friday: The little dogs were WAY overdue for a grooming appointment and so it was their day to get done. They were pretty matted up so shaved it is! That was fine with me because that means it will take longer for their hair to grow and honestly they seem so much happier and lighter without all that hair. I do have to knit some sweaters for them however because it is still chilly on our morning walks. 

Saturday: Rainy and chilly out so Robert and Kyra watched movies all day while I got some work done. After that it was basically all Netflix and some awesomely delicious meatball subs that I made but forgot to snap a picture of because honestly I'm just the worst blogger ever. 

Sunday: After spending all day Saturday in we decided to get out and about. We headed out for a late brunch and then the mall. Kyra got to meet the bunny at Build A Bear which was honestly way cooler looking than the actual Easter Bunny that was there for pictures. They let me take a picture but Kyra was pretty unsure of the whole situation. Still super cute though. 

Well we walked around for a bit and I basically window shopped because while I looked at a ton of things I walked out with nothing. Which is pretty much par for the course. Although they did have a Sephora and I was sorely tempted to stock up on some items but I resisted because I am in a spending freeze until Comic Con later this month. However we did get to meet this adorable Great Pyrenees puppy that seemed to really adore Kyra. 

After the mall we just kind of drove around (aka Robert drove me to places to catch Pokemon) and then headed home. It was an exciting night however because we watched my brother in law win the Madden 2017 Challenge! It was streaming live and it was absolutely awesome to see him win! I realize most of my readers are not gamers but just know that this was a HUGE deal and we are super proud of him! 
He's the one on the left!

All in all it was a pretty quiet weekend! Hope you all are well and here's to getting back to blogging again!


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