Confessions 12/21/16

1. I confess that I had part of this post drafted for a totally different post from last week but Kiya got  really sick on Friday and the post never got published. I was scared that she wasn't going to make it and admittedly got completely distracted. I am happy to report that she is doing just fine!

2. I confess that I have been adding artwork to Robert's lunches. This one from last week was my favorite response however. It is supposed to be a squinty face with tongue out. 

 3. I confess I got a real kick out of the UPS guy making a tower of our packages. It's like they are their own little Christmas tree!

 4. I confess I had a really great time last week at the play date. I loved getting to hang out with another mom and Kyra had such a good time playing with her girls! I hope we can continue to meet up and hang out because it was really wonderful to hang out with someone who gets that you will be interrupted at least twenty times a minute.

5. I confess that I have had this song on repeat since I heard it last week. I love it. 

So what are your confessions for the week?


  1. LOL at the tower of packages.

    i'm still waiting for two; i ordered them in NOVEMBER!!! boo, canada post! :(


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