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Friday- I spent most of Friday morning super busy but then the afternoon Kyra and I had to get out of the house. So first stop was the library to pick up some holds and also to take care of some fines. My library was running the Food for Fines program again so we took our canned goods and got our fines forgiven. 

After the library we had to make a grocery store since it was Friday and since we had gotten a ton of work done the past week we treated ourselves to Starbucks. I got the Green Tea Frappe and let me tell you it is now my go to drink! Actually I have been researching how to make it at home because yeah I'm going to need that one a lot over the summer! 

Kyra got a tasty treat from the "kitchen" as she calls it. Not pictured because she immediately ate it. 

We powered though the shopping and then headed home to make some tacos for Cinco De Mayo. Let me tell you there were amazingly tasty. I'm not normally one for salsa and sour cream and all that jazz but everything was so fresh and wonderful and of course I didn't take a picture because I'm a greedy guts who eats her food before being a good blogger and snapping a photo. 

After the awesomeness that was dinner I headed out for my evening walk and passed by these lovely flowers that told me they wanted their picture taken. 

Saturday: I spent part of the morning finishing up some work and then wandered to our downtown area because they opened a few new stores. 
I think I need this. 

These too. 

 Then that afternoon we took off to take Kyra to visit some parks! The day was too gorgeous to spend indoors!

After playing around we had to stop by Target for some necessary things and of course left with things that we didn't really need because that is curse of Target.

Then we headed to my parents for the evening and fed the animals. I should have snapped pictures but again I was playing with Kyra and hanging with my family so yeah my phone wasn't even with me. 

Sunday: More work in the morning and then the afternoon was spent watching some old movies. Not like super old more like...90s old. We watched- Major Payne, So I Married an Ax Murderer, Clue, and Nothing But Trouble. All hilarious and a great throwback. 
Image result for Major Payne gif

Image result for so i married an axe murderer poetry gif

Image result for clue gif

Image result for Nothing but trouble john candy gif

Sunday night another evening walk that was accompanied by a few little hop toads. 

So that's what we were up to. How was your weekend? 


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